Adventure Tour to Laos- Ultimate Venture To Laos!



Want to view a paradise wearing a helmet? The ideal way to explore Laos is to plan for an adventurous tour to this small landlocked nation of South East Asia. Laos is amongst the least visited South East Asian countries offering pure glimpse into the lives of the Lao people. Set your heart and eyes firmly on Laos and you can taste adventure in its true sense!

With varieties of landscapes, Laos provides every tourist the golden opportunity to explore the land. From lush floodplains and dense forests to dramatic cave networks and rugged mountains, Laos has everything to satiate the craving of every visitor. Vientiane is known as the “sleepiest capital” all over the world. No matter where you are in Laos, you cannot help slipping into this capital city to experience its relaxed lifestyle. Luang Prabang, on the other hand, is an enchanting town featuring serene mood, magnificent ambience and stunning architectural features.

Plan for an adventure tour in Laos and grab the chance of exploring its inspiring landscapes and at the same time experiencing a welcoming and unique culture. Laos is regarded as the best Tourist Destination of the World in 2013. Just visit this captivating country once and you will understand why it is rated as No. 1.



Laos Adventure to Trip

Kayaking, rafting, hiking, biking and trekking or a combo pack of all these five exciting activities – you can choose any of the options you like while making an adventure tour to this place. All these venturous activities will make your adrenaline keeping going. Trek along the remote hilly tribes of the northwestern region of Laos, cycle through the silent southern roads or paddle along Mekong River. There is no end to thrill and excitement in the adventure package tours in Laos.

Laos is truly the ‘nature’s playground’! Fun activities for the weekend or hardcore adventurous voyage, whatever you wish for, Laos have something for all. Ecotourism is evolving in Laos at a rapid pace. For instance, Akha Experience is one of the superb treks to Akha Village from Luang Nam Tha. All down the way, you will have the scope to learn about the culture, agricultural activities and also can interact with the locals.

Again, bikes are available for the ones who love to cycle through Laos for an eco-friendly trip. You can make a day trip to the remote destinations in bikes. Cycling to Cambodia to Laos by the Mekong River will be a spectacular journey! Rural villages, ancient temples, fantastic sceneries and great wildlife encompass any adventurous tour you are willing to make in Laos.

Want to have a glimpse of the natural beauty of Laos? Plan your Laos adventure tour right away! Some rewarding experiences are waiting for you!