Pure Laos Travel

Laos, a peaceful country, houses immense natural beauty for you to explore. Culturally diverse, geographically mountainous, historically fascinating and spiritually rich, this destination will certainly take your breath away and making you frequent this destination. After years of isolation and war, Laos, with its almost intact culture and the most relaxed people on earth, is earning cult status among the travelers. Though it is developing fast, it still has much of its traditions intact.

Laos Tours, therefore, present a swarm of surprises that are sure to mesmerize the tourists. Luang Prabang is the prime location offering an option for cultural adventure. Visiting the homes of the friendly-natured locals gives you the opportunity to experience Baci welcoming ceremony. It is the Lao tradition prevailing for centuries and strolling the traffic-free, pleasant alleys and streets of this old city. Visit the gilded temple with the novice Buddhist monks. Spend some private time with some rare species of Asian elephant in the sanctuary outside the town. It will be a fascinating experience feeding these gentle giants.

Further afield, you can take your kids for a Laos Holiday to Vang Vieng. Rent one inner tube and enjoy floating down the river and stopping once in a while at the riverside stalls for buying fruit juices for your kids or perhaps a bottle of beer or two for yourself.

A tour in Laos is not complete without a visit to the Four Thousand Islands. The islands here have such small dimensions that you can cover the entire area in a cycle in just a day. You can stop by the stunning waterfall or take a refreshing dip in the river or visit the colorful and ornate Buddhist temples located in the midst of rice fields. The electricity does not stay for a long time at night. So, it is the right place to show your kids the actual picture of how the stars look like in a night sky. No obstruction of the city lights.

To many tourists, travel in Laos is not that easy. In fact, without the help of a map it is not possible to know the exact location of every place. After Pathet Lao Communist takeover invaded Laos in 1975, it lost its significance to the world. Hmong helped in the emergence of this place in the 90s and from then onwards, Laos is showcasing its charm.

Situations have significantly changed in this nation since last few years. Owing to the earnest efforts of the government and the locals, the tourism infrastructure of this country is striving towards development. This has made travelling convenient than before. The prominent regions of the country are well connected through roadways. But then again, the true charm of a holiday in Laos lies in its isolated appeal. The travelers looking to travel off the track will find complete peace in this nation. Most of the regions are still void of tourists and this perhaps makes this country even more appealing than its notable neighbors like Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Besides the fact that, Laos shelters some of the most mesmerizing natural attractions of South East Asia; there are couple of other aspects that make this nation truly special. Cheap street side food and affordable accommodation are some of the unique traits of this nation that are sure to appeal the tourists. Lao Cuisine presents a pleasant surprise in front of the tourists. The combination of multiple flavors helps the Lao dishes to satiate the taste buds in no time. Cheap accommodation is one important aspect that makes Laos a favorite destination for the ones who are tight with their budget. However, this does not necessarily imply that there are no quality resorts and hotels in Laos.

Laos is incredibly beautiful! It is one of the few countries where travelling becomes something more than just sightseeing and transforms into a way of experiencing cultures, customs and landscapes that are unspoilt for ages. The fun of traversing this destination chiefly lies in traveling, the people you meet, the wrong turns you take and the drink that you enjoy with your family at the end of less traversed trails.