Tour details:

Day 1: cycle to Naham village (home stay)
Meet at your hotel to start cycle to Buddha caves (30 km) after visit the holy caves cycle further north of Luangprabang along Nam Ou River, on the way visit villages, lunch pack will be prepared from LuangPrabang and find nice spot when hungry. Stay overnight at Ban Naham village (home stay)

Distance: 70 km
Meals: L, D
Accommodation: home stay

Day 2: Cycle to Nongkiau
After breakfast at the local house, cycle along the main road to the junction of Pakmong (turn left to China, turn right to Vietnam) turn right at the junction to the sleepy northern village of Nong Khiaw, on the banks of the languid Nam Ou River.

After arrival in Nong Khiaw, enjoying the picturesque riverfront. Exploring the small town and light hiking into the picturesque surrounding hills to visit the network of caves before returning to Nong Khiaw for dinner.
The rural landscapes in the Nong Khiaw area are among the most beautiful in the country with towering cliffs and jungle foliage. The nearby Phatoke Caves are where the Pathet Lao communist guerrillas hid during the Indochinese war to escape relentless bombing.

Distance: 70 km
Meals: B, L
Accommodation: Phaxang resort

Day 3: Back to LuangPrabang
There are two options on return to Luang:
— By boat: approximately 5 h on Nam Ou and Mekong river. Pra
— By land: approximately 3:30 h (driving)

Distance: 140 km (by land)
Meal: B
Accommodation: None

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