Discover the South to the North 12 Days / 11 Nights

There are very few countries like Laos, which successfully persuades the travellers to sink into endless serenity. Laos presents a host of attractions in front of the tourists. Starting from splendid landscapes and tranquil country sides to vibrant culture and mouth watering cuisines; there is no end to the list of surprises that Laos presents in front of the tourists.

It is a blend of isolation and unprecedented peacefulness that makes Laos an ideal destination for off-the-track exploration. It is the boon of being landlocked by notable neighbours like Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, that has actually helped this nation to preserve its core traits. It shelters a multitude of virgin locations that are completely void of tourists and in spite of the absence of the modern day amenities, travelling around these destinations is no less than strolling around in paradise.

Sightseeing and savouring the flavours of Laos becomes highly relaxing and convenient when one opts for a competent trip organizer. Pure Laos Travel Agency is one such prominent trip organizer which provides an opportunity to the tourist to experience the real essence of Laos. Since the start of its journey, it has successfully assisted numerous tourists to explore the most popular destinations of the country. This organization shelters some of the most experienced staffs and guides who leave no stone unturned to ensure complete convenience and relaxation while travelling.


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